Royal Conservatoire Antwerp
The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp aims to educate enthusiastic and talented people to become creative, professional musicians and performing artists with great autonomy and personality, able to slot into the contemporary socio-cultural and artistic frame of reference.

Sabam is the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Sabam documents the works of its authors, allowing it to collect and distribute the royalties each time a work from its repertoire is performed or displayed in public.

Flanders Music Center
Flanders Music Centre is an organisation established by the Flemish government to support the professional music sector and to promote Flemish music in Belgium and abroad. We concentrate on three main tasks: Encouraging expertise, maintaining information & documentation, and promoting music and artists.

I Solisti del Vento
I Solisti del Vento is Belgium’s most important wind ensemble. The artistic and professional direction of Francis Pollet made that I Solisti del Vento developed into an ensemble which can match the international top in the field of (chamber) music for winds.

Lantro Music
Lantro Music is a sheet music publisher dedicated to making publicity for compositions from Belgian and international composers.

Metropolis Music Publishers
Metropolis Music Publishers is one of the oldest and most respected music publishers in Flanders. The catalog contains works by famous Belgian and international composers.

DMP is one of the leading music publishers and respected educational music publisher in Belgium.

Euprint is a Belgian publisher of sheet music.

Phaedra is a music label that consistently and continually draws attention to Belgian and Dutch composers, regardless of their philosophies or their careers.

Resonant Center For Musical Heritage
Resonant is an open network that maps, stimulates and cares for the preservation and innovation of the musical heritage.