A Portrait of Alain Craens CD release

A Portrait of Alain Craens audio CD front cover
Posted by Alain Craens

I am pleased to announce my album release A Portrait Of Alain Craens. For more information on the album and to preview some of the tracks, go to the album page.


  • 1 Interlude to the Sea (1994) for oboe, bassoon and piano

Mystery (1995) for wind and string quintet

  • 2 Largo
  • 3 Presto ma non troppo
  • 4 Experience (1992) for bass clarinet, vibraphone, marimba and string quartet
  • 5 Oase (1998) for flute, bassoon and piano

Three Summer Pieces (2008) for wind quartet, string quartet, piano and percussion

  • 6 Aubade
  • 7 Capriccio
  • 8 Nocturne

Performed by:

Jan Guns, bass clarinet (4)
Rita Rommes, vibraphone and marimba (4)
I Solisti del Vento (1,5) (flute: Frank Hendrickx; oboe: Joris van den Hauwe; bassoon: Francis Pollet)
Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, piano (1,5)
Emanon Ensemble (2,3,6,7,8)
The Moscow Chamber Soloists String Quartet (4)


A Portrait of Alain Craens is publised by Phaedra.